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Creative Workshops 

I truly believe that everyone has a creative mind and I love helping others to "find their ART".

So many people say to me, "I'm not artistic, I can't even draw a stick man"! 

This is a big misconception that comes from a fear of the unknown.  There are a million ways to express your creativity , be "Artistic" and create your own Art.

My creative workshops are designed for all abilities and levels of experience. Each one is designed to allow participants to guide their own outcomes and work at their own pace within the timeframe provided.  There are a wide variety of creative activities to choose from, every one is carefully planned, resourced and designed for beginners and for participants with a little more skill.  Every workshop runs with a group size of no more than 8 or 10 (depending on the venue), to ensure that each participant gets one-to-one help and support during the session.  All of these workshops are available for individuals to attend, private group bookings, fun celebration parties, after-school programs, school holiday activities and regular learning sessions.  I can also provide a mobile workshop service - if you can't get to me......I can come to you (suitable venues required).






* Contact me to book a private group workshop or home tutoring..........    


Up-cycled hand- bound Art Journal / Notebook.  suitable for adults & children aged 8+.


Design & make your own bespoke hand-bound book.

The focus of this workshop to use recycled/repurposed materials with minimal wastage. 

Learn simple but beautiful Japanese Book Binding techniques. 

Design your book to suit a chosen purpose and include special elements to make it personal or uniquely functional.  

lino printing fish.jpg

Lino Printing For Beginners.  Suitable for teens & adults only.


Design & cut your own Lino relief tile and produce a set of limited edition prints on paper.

Start with drawing and developing a simple design to transfer onto a lino tile. 

Learn the basic cutting techniques using lino cutting tools.

Have fun with the printing process using a variety of coloured printing inks and paper.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those with some previous experience. 

Expressive Painting & Drawing on Canvas.  suitable for adults & children.

Enjoy the freedom of expression and experimentation with drawing, then create a painting of your choice where you can go wild with colour and have fun playing with materials, techniques and tools.


Mono & Block Printing on paper.  suitable for adults & children.

Create exciting imagery with drawing skills and printing techniques.  Produce a unique set of printed Artworks unsing Mono Printing and Block Printing methods.  Build layers with colour, texture and mark-making and enjoy experimenting with the processes.


Driftwood Art.  suitable for adults & children.


Design and make a beautiful decoration using Natures treasures.  Learn how to use an electric hand drill and develop your knowledge of cutting, sanding and joining techniques.  Enjoy creating with driftwood, shells, pebbles and sand collected from local beaches around Kiama and embrace the characteristics of these natural materials.  

paper making deckle & paper.jpg

Handmade Recycled Paper-Making.  suitable for adults & children.


Learn how to make individual pieces of handmade paper using a variety of recycled paper, natural dyes, paints, inks and other found materials. 

Create a selection of hand-decorated papers using paints, inks and other drawing media. Experiment with various applications to add colour and abstract mark-making. 


Expressive Drawing & Painting.  suitable for children aged 8+


Enjoy the freedom of expression with a series of fun drawing exercises. 

Explore colour, texture, pattern and mark-making then experiment with paint & ink to produce a series of abstract images for you to take home. 

Your unique artworks could become ideas for a finished painting or you could choose to use them as decorative paper.  The choice is yours! 

Take away a fun experience and the confidence to be creative without rules.


Origami Bird Garlands.  suitable for adults & children

Learn how to fold an origami crane bird using a variety of papers.  Challenge your folding skills to create different size birds.  Connect your birds together with threads, beads, knots and other decorative elements to produce a beautiful vertical or horizontal hanging garland.  Make and take home up to 2 handmade garlands.  

abstract cardboard sculpture.jpg

Sculpture with Cardboard.  suitable for adults & children age 8+

Enjoy exploring this fantastic material to create a 3D structure.  Learn a selection of techniques to manipulate, bend, join and build using hot glue and experiment with surface texutre, form & shape.  Discover all the amazing things that cardboard can do!  

watercolour landscape.jpg

Beginners Watercolour Painting.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+.

Learn the basics of Watercolour painting through a series of painting exercises, experimenting with mark-making, colour mixing, building layers & brushwork techniques.  Produce two A4 sized paintings, working simultaneously to build layers and allow for drying time.  Enjoy working with this delicate painting technique and experimenting with a selection of different paper.

Acrylic Painting.jpg

Acrylic Painting on canvas.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+.

Learn the basics of acrylic painting using the theme of Still Life.  Create your own unique still life composition with chosen objects and design your composition.  Experiment with colour, a range of brushes and other painting tools & techniques. Enjoy the freedom to let your imagination flow and the artwork develop without rules.    


Pencil Drawing - Still Life.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+.  

Learn the basics of pencil drawing to produce your own unique still life artwork.  Experience working with a variety of pencils, drawing tools & techniques to help you plan and build an individual composition.  Experiment with shading techniques and tonal application to add depth and 3-dimetional qualities to your drawing.

charcoal landscape

Charcoal Drawing - Landscape.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+.

Learn the basics of charcoal drawing. Explore a range of drawing tools and try a variety of techniques.  Experiment with mark-making, and develop an understanding of how to use the various forms of charcoal. Then, compose your own focussed drawing using “Landscape” as a theme.

clay sculpture - portraits

Clay Sculpture - Portraits.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+.


Learn the basics of clay sculpture, focussing on building & carving a clay head.  Bring a character to life by creating features and adding detail, working from a chosen photograph.  Explore the concepts of proportion and 3D design and enjoy working with this fun material.

slab building 2

Clay Slab Building - Tea Light Holders & Quirky Houses.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+.


Learn the basics of slab building with air dry clay.  Design & make  a simple tea light holder or a quirky house with a removable roof. Add details and cut out windows to create a little night light.  Have fun with surface texture using selected materials to create patterns or try Sgraffito , (Italian for “scratched”) with a variety of special clay tools.

To complete your build you will need to dry it  out & paint / decorate your pieces at home.

All materials included.  

clay slab building 1
clay houses

Macrame Wall Hanging.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+.


Enjoy this beautiful, ancient knot weaving technique at a beginners level.

Learn the individual Macrame knots then create a unique wall hanging using a mix of recycled materials and driftwood.  Follow a simple pattern or create your own design.

All materials included.


Acrylic & Mixed Media Landscape on canvas.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+


Explore and experiment with collage, paint and other materials on canvas to create a unique landscape inspired artwork.  Develop your understanding of colour and layering, composition and freedom of expression.  Bring your own landscape image or choose one of the many amazing views of Kiama provided on the day.  Enjoy this creative experience and can immerse yourself in colour, texture, expressive painting  & drawing with limitless possibilities to produce a unique artwork.  All materials included.


Macrame Plant Hangers.  Suitable for adults & children aged 8+.


Enjoy this beautiful, ancient knot weaving technique at a beginners level.

Learn the individual Macrame knots then create a unique plant hanger,

using a simple knots & natural string.

Follow a simple pattern or create your own design.

All materials included.  Light refreshments provided.

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