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For as long as I can remember, I have been a creative person. As a child growing up in the UK, I spent hours of my free time trying out different Artistic practices and genres.  I have learned many creative & practical skills from family, friends and teachers throughout my life. Many of which I am still using and developing today.  After finishing school I studied Art & Design at College and then completed a BA Hons Degree in Ceramics & Glass followed by a Teaching Degree.  Teaching Art within the education system then became my career focus.  
In all of my creative practices, I always utilise a very "hands-on" approach to make my art.  Working with a variety of different materials I love to hold, mould, manipulate, sculpt and build with my hands, using machines and technology as little as possible. Feeling the material and connecting with the journey it takes to become an Artwork is an important part of my practice.

As a human being and an Artist, I am truly inspired by this amazing place we call Earth. There is a neverending and constantly changing supply of inspiration to fuel my creative journey.  My Art reflects so many aspects of my life, memories, places, objects, textures, patterns, sounds and nature in all its glory.  In 2015 I moved with my family from the UK to Australia in search of a new life, new experiences and fresh ideas to develop my Art practice. 
I am currently living and loving life on the South Coast of NSW, near the beautiful town of Kiama.  My working life consists of High School teaching, teaching Art workshops for adults and children and my own individual Art practice.  

Art, for me, is an essential part of everyday life.  It allows me to switch off from the mundane, connect with nature and allow my creative mind to absorb the beautiful environment I live in. Making Art is gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with the world, express my emotions in a visual context and enjoy experimenting and developing the creative skills I have been gifted with.


In each of my collections, selected Artworks are for sale (those marked with a value). 
If you would like to make an enquiry please email me using the "contact me" option, direct to my email address: or  call my mobile number: 0424460951. 

I can arrange a private viewing or in a gallery space where selected Artworks may be on show. 
 Bespoke Artwork commissions also welcome by appointment. 




Fairy Wrens Together.
Splendid Wren 1.jpg
Tidelines 1

What Lies Beneath

Seabed 140 x 140cm canvas.jpg

Rock Pools

Finger Shell rock pool

Lino Prints

Deep Sea Diver
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