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Earth Journies: 2020 - present day

These artworks are part of an ongoing collection that began in 2020 after my debut solo exhibition "What Lies Beneath" at Fern Street Gallery in 2019.  The ideas for a new collection flowed on from my previous work and I began developing my techniques, exploring new themes, gathering more inspiration from my weekly walks, weekends exploring the local environment as well as trips overseas.  I wanted this new collection to demonstrate my enjoyment for art-making using different art techniques, exploring ideas to create works with painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, fibre art & ceramics. 

*More artworks to be added soon.


South Coast Burnt Gums
Gum Leaves

"Survival "   
Acrylic & mixed media on canvas.  100cm x 50cm
Custom frame in white

"Gum Leaves"
(commissioned original artwork)
Acrylic on canvas.  100cm x 50cm
Custom frame.                       

(commissioned original artwork)
Acrylic & collage on canvas. 
100cm x 50cm
Custom frame.                     SOLD    

*Gallery quality prints available for these artworks by special order or at exhibition sales.  Please enquire using the contact form or email:

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