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Lino Prints

I first learnt the art of Lino Printing when I was at school.  My teacher was a textile specialist and she introduced this art form and encouraged us to experiment with different printmaking techniques including fabric printing.  The process of carving out the lino material was something I really connected with, creating relief texture and patterns and playing with positive & negative space within an image.  I am now continuing to enjoy Lino Printing  as an art form and as with my other art practices, I am also enjoying taking an experimental approach to printing-making, combining Lino Print, Collagraph and Mono Printing in my 2D art on canvas and board as a collage element.


My Lino Print collection is available to purchase by special order only at present.  Each design can be individually hand printed, then mounted and framed as requested by each client.  Pricing of prints will be set according to size, time of creation and whether they are single editions or multiples. 


Commissions for new original designs are also welcome. 

Please send enquiries via my "contact me" form or by direct email to:   

Lino Prints

"Deep Sea Diver"  Lino Print on acid free 160gsm paper.  15cm x 21cm.  
Hand-Printed by special order.
Ink Colour, Mount & Frame options available. 
Contact me for pricing.

"Fireworks"  Lino Print acid free 160gsm paper.
Hand -printed by special order.
Ink colour, mount & frame options available.  Contact me for pricing.

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