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"Tidelines" is an ongoing series of artworks inspired by my morning walks and observations from my art studio window.  Every walk I take allows my visual memory to soak up the colours, patterns, texture, movement in the ocean and on the sand.  I am constantly amazed by the ever-changing landscape of the coastline and the creatures and plants of the sea I find washed up or living around the rocks.   This abundance of inspiration will continue to provide me with ideas and opportunities to develop and experiment with many new creative processes.


"Tidelines 1"  Acrylic, Mixed Media Collage & Stitching on Canvas.  96cm x 45cm.                             SOLD       

wide eyed & washed up.jpg

"Washed Up & Wide-Eyed"  Collagraph, Acrylic & Mixed Media Collage on Canvas.  15cm x 30cm.                                                SOLD      

Tidelines 2.jpg

"Tidelines 2"  Acrylic & Mixed Media Collage on Canvas.  150cm x 60cm.                 SOLD                                                          

Tide lines 3.jpg

"Tidelines 3"  Acrylic & Mixed Media on canvas with Stitching. 

150 cm x 60cm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       SOLD                                                   

*Gallery quality prints available for these Artworks by special order.  Enquire using the contact form or email:

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